What is The Best Drugs to Treat Seasonal Allergies?


Allergy medications help people to recover from allergy symptoms. They are available in different forms such as liquids, pills, nasal sprays, inhalers, skin creams and eye drops. Even some medications are available as over the counter medicines. There are some medications that should be taken only after consulting a doctor. Let us see some of the best medicine for allergies.

The most common medicine is antihistamine which is a drug helps in blocking the receptor for a chemical compound called histamine. This chemical over reacts to some triggers and allergens such as cold, pollen, pet dander and dust mites. This can result in allergy symptoms in the body such as sneezing, sniffling, itching and nasal stuffiness. Antihistamine helps people in preventing as well as relieving these allergy symptoms.

People should not take this medication while driving or involving in any other dangerous activities as it may cause fatigue and drowsiness in rare cases. Let us see the different choices people have for allergy treatment.

First generation and second generation antihistamines

First general antihistamines are original medicines produced to treat the signs. These medications are really effective even though it gives some less severe side effects such as drowsiness. Examples of this kind of antihistamines are chlor-trimeton and Benadryl. Medicines that come under the category of second-generation antihistamines do not produce the same drowsiness level as its predecessors even though few of them cause mild sedation. These allergy medications are highly effective that people can take on a regular basis with mild effects. This also comes in long-lasting forms so that people can take it once a day.

Some examples of this type of allergy medication are Allegra, Claritin, and Zyrtec. These allergy medications are available as generic medicines at online drug stores. Leukotriene modifiers are included in the list of best allergic medicines. Singulair falls into leukotriene modifiers and it is taken for both asthma and allergies. It can block a body chemical involved in allergic response called leukotrienes.

Which of these medicines are best?

Each of these allergy medications has its own pros and cons. The second generation antihistamines are non-sedating that seems better than first generation drugs. These are the most common option to treat allergies. There are many studies proving the efficiency of these medications one over another in regards to several criteria such as length of action, the level of relief and quickness of action. But most of the studies support the drug companies, so people have to be very careful when choosing the medications.

The choice of allergy medications depends on the individual. Experts advise people to talk with their doctor about the symptoms they have been experiencing for a long time. The doctor will ask them to go for a trial period to make sure that the medication works for them with no severe side effects. If a person did not find any improvements in the trial period, your doctor will suggest you another allergy medication for another trial period. The best way people can prevent allergy signs is avoiding their triggers.

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